[space height=”20″] [one_third] [icon_2 icon=”icomoon-laptop” icon_upload=”” title=”LAPTOP REPAIR” subtitle=”WE SERVICE ALL MAKES & MODELS”] Looking for a Fast Laptop Repair from a reputable company in London? contact us today for a free collection* and have your laptop diagnosed for only £20.00 [/icon_2] [/one_third] [one_third] [icon_2 icon=”icomoon-screen-2″ icon_upload=”” title=”COMPUTER SERVICES” subtitle=”FOR HOME & BUSINESS USERS”]We offer a wide array of Computer and IT Services for your home or business, contact us today and see how we can help you.

[/one_third] [one_third_last] [icon_2 icon=”icomoon-apple” icon_upload=”” title=”APPLE MAC REPAIR” subtitle=”WE REPAIR APPLE MAC MODELS”]We offer a fast, reliable, cost effective apple mac repair service, our engineer have years of experience and are dedicated to getting your apple mac repaired on time and with in budget.[/icon_2] [/one_third_last] [highlight animation=”” color=”#f6f6f6″ color_transparency=”1″ border_color=”” background_image=”” background_attachment=”scroll” background_position=”left top” background_stretch=”yes” min_height=”” first_page=”no” last_page=”no” padding_top=”60″ padding_bottom=”” margin_bottom=”60″ fullwidth=”yes”] [one_half][layerslider id=”2″][/one_half] [one_half_last][icon animation=”” style=”2″ icon=”icomoon-laptop” title=”LAPTOP SCREEN REPAIR”]

We offer one of the fastest Laptop Screen repair service in London and 99% of screens are in stock readily available. Best Price Guarantee.

[/icon] [icon animation=”” style=”2″ icon=”icomoon-home-4″ title=”DATA RECOVERY”]

We offer various forms of data recovery from standard backup and recovery to Lab white room recovery.

[/icon] [icon animation=”” style=”2″ icon=”icomoon-earth” title=”NETWORK INSTALLATION”]

Network Installation Specialists, Planning & Designing services for all types of Network Installs, All Work Guaranteed, Free Advice Available.

[/icon] [/one_half_last] [/highlight] [two_third] [heading animation=”” type=”2″ align=”alignnone”]WHAT WE DO?[/heading] [tabs animation=”” orientation=”horizontal”] [tab title=”Laptop Repairs” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”] We Stock spares for all makes and models this makes our laptop repair service super fast and reliable, In the unlikly event we don’t stock your spare we are sure we know were to source it from. Free collection and delivery in most London postcodes makes our service unique over our competitors. Followed by only a £20 investigation / diagnosis fee only chargable if you are not having your machine repaired is value for money. All repairs are undertaken in our Battersea SW11 Workshop [/tab][tab title=”Computer Repairs” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”]We have been repairing, maintaining and installing computers in London for many years. We offer professional computer services right from Repairs, Installations, to Maintenance contracts.[/tab][tab title=”Apple Mac Repairs” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”]Our Team have been repairing Apple Mac Computers for many years now as technology has evolved so have we. For any mac issue contact us and we will be able to help [/tab][tab title=”Data Recovery” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”]In today’s modern world, the need for data is incredible many of our clients are now using our cloud backup services how ever we still encounter many new clients on a daily basis that have not used backup properly or it has failed them in the event you have lost all your data due to failed drives, database crashes, software or hardware failure, Immediately stop using the device and contact us there is still a chance we can help. [/tab][tab title=”Business Services” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”]With our years of experience and expertise we are able to offer the most effective IT Services for all our Business Clients, our team are professional, helpful and motivated in achieving the best solutions in the industry. We offer Server Support, Email and Hosting Solutions, Web Solutions, Security, Firewall and Maintenance Services  [/tab][/tabs][/two_third] [one_third_last] [heading animation=”” type=”2″ align=”alignnone”]WHY WE ARE THE BEST?[/heading] [list_modern animation=”” style=”2″][list_modern_item title=”Fast Professional Service” icon=”icomoon-checkmark-circle-2″]Fast response times, Free Collection & Delivery in most parts of London. All work garunteed. [/list_modern_item][/list_modern] [list_modern animation=”” style=”2″][list_modern_item title=”Experienced, capable and friendly staff” icon=”icomoon-checkmark-circle-2″]Our professional and friendly team is here to help with any enquiry [/list_modern_item][/list_modern] [list_modern animation=”” style=”2″][list_modern_item title=”Extremely Competitive Prices” icon=”icomoon-checkmark-circle-2″]We offer extremely competitive prices rate within your budget with best solution[/list_modern_item][/list_modern] [/one_third_last] [call_to_action animation=”” style=”3″ title=”Laptop Repair any brand any problem” subtitle=”Find expert computer & laptop repair services, computer upgrade and hardware installation services” icon=”icomoon-cart” buttton_text=”CONTACT US!” url=”http://www.techfellas.co.uk/contact-us/” last_page=”yes”]

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